How to “take care” of Ukrainian pensioners

The pension reform, proposed by Prime Minister Groisman, was announced as a reform of raising pensions. However, in practice, the prepared bill is replete with “innovations”, each of which, as a rule, are incompatible with each other, neither theoretically, nor practically!

  1. The increase of pensions by 30%, in fact, does not meet the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine, which was already in 2014 violated by the revolutionaries of “hydrology”. Ie, the current Constitution of Ukraine provided for an annual review of the amount of pensions until March 18 of each subsequent year in the amount of at least 50% of the minimum wage for the previous year, as well as the revision of pensions in the presence of inflation, which, in fact, was not done by our ” revolutionaries “neither in 2014, nor in 2015, nor in 2016. During this time, the dollar has risen, at least three times or more! Thus, the state’s debt to retirees is much more than 140 billion hryvnia. A 30 percent increase in pensions does not compensate even for the tenth part of the losses suffered by retired people as a result of galloping inflation (populism and deceit of the current government are once again demonstrated to the Ukrainian people).
  2. Various verbal formulations in determining the total length of retirement seniority do not allow many people who have reached the age of 60 to receive a full-fledged pension, rather than the so-called social pension. The use of formulations such as “declared employment”, as well as a gradual increase in the total length of service from 15 to 35 years will lead to the fact that at least 60-70% of the population will not live to their pension (after all, the government is well aware that before the 60-year-old age does not reach 40% of men and more than 20% of women)! The high mortality rate is a direct result of a low standard of living: 80% of the population lives below the poverty line, while according to various sources, about 10% of the population is actually starving. The quality and high cost of medical care plus the chronic social stress associated with the civil war, the influx of migrants deprived of basic means of livelihood, the ever increasing robbery and banditry in the streets of cities and villages of Ukraine is an incomplete list of factors that reduce the life expectancy of our people.
  3. Catastrophic aging as a percentage of the society, that if two pensioners were employed for one pensioner, today one pensioner is employed for each pensioner. And in a year or two, two pensioners will fall on one worker, especially since 80% of Ukrainian families are suffering from the war in Ukraine and 80% of Ukrainian families are in a difficult financial condition, young able-bodied people leave the country, which could be the basis for the revival of the Ukrainian economy and which could increase the birth rate of Ukrainians and stop the catastrophic disparity between mortality and fertility in Ukraine (mortality is two or more times higher than the birth rate).
  4. In the so-called “pension reform,” mistakes related to the size of pensions for people whose wages exceed UAH 40,000 per month are still not taken into account, that is, a single social contribution is charged on wages that do not exceed 40 thousand UAH per month. The same officials, for example, judges, prosecutors, employees of some law enforcement agencies, whose salaries are equal to 100-200-300 thousand UAH per month, pay taxes only from the amount of 40 thousand UAH, and they will receive a pension of 90% of the amount official salary. For example, if an official received 100 thousand UAH. a month he will be credited with a pension of 90 thousand UAH per month. Considering that the so-called solidarity form of payment of pensions is preserved in Ukraine, this means that he will pay taxes during his working life not from 100 thousand hryvnas, but only from 40 thousand hryvnias, and his accrued over 50 thousand hryvnias will be withdraw from the general boiler at the expense of the bulk of other working people. What kind of social justice are we talking about?
  5. The declaration by different governments since 2000 of the intention to introduce a so-called personalized funded pension is also unreal for today for several reasons: first, constant inflation will eat up the accumulated money, and secondly, many people who, from the 1990s onwards This year they lose their jobs as a result of the stoppage and disintegration of both state and private enterprises as a result of the chronic economic crisis, they are innocent of the fact that their often highly skilled hands turn out to be of no use to anyone, ybrasyvayut out and they are forced to earn a living in the markets, in various private and public companies as vremennyhraznorabochih, merchants, etc., without a permanent job, and without proper employment records. As a result, many really struggling for survival and constantly working people who have reached retirement age, as if lacking official, declared work experience. As a consequence, they will receive a tiny social pension instead of a full-fledged, deserved by their own labor!
  6. “Pension reform”, written by the Großman government under the dictation of the International Monetary Fund, aims not to improve the social standard of living of pensioners, but to reduce their numbers through artificial stimulation of the death rate of the population through impoverishment, malnutrition, lack of basic medical care, chronic stress like consequence of the severe socio-economic and political situation within Ukraine.
  7. In the so-called pension reform, not a word is said that in fact, the solution of all problems of pensioners, including the huge deficit of the pension fund (140 billion UAH), must be carried out entirely by other means and methods. In fact, the solution to this problem lies only in the plane of the upsurge of the disintegrated Ukrainian economy, the disorganized system of medical care, the collapsed system of law enforcement agencies, the collapsed judicial system and many other crisis processes that arose in the country after the advent of swindlers and amateurs on the wave. called, “revolution of hydrology”.

Only the coming to power by universal democratic elections of a new parliament, the Government and the President, which will be distinguished by high education, honesty, diligence and professionalism can allow to change the economic and social policy in the country, including to solve the problem of Ukrainian pensioners. There is no other way!


Public figure, academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatolii Peshko

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