The concept of economic rescue of Ukraine

Numerous assertions from pro-government experts and journalists that in Ukraine, ostensibly, there are no decent people for changing the current unprofessional, adventurous and corrupt government is nothing more than an attempt by the current leaders of the country to shuffle out of the state budget for a longer time at the expense of taxpayers and the people belonging to all state enterprises.

I want to cite as an example a number of names of highly educated and professionally trained, with great experience, candidates for ministerial posts in the future, I hope, really popular the Government of Ukraine.

One such person is a truly unique economist and financier, Viktor Suslov, who can perfectly handle the work of the Minister of Economy or the Minister of Finance. Moreover, it is within his power to supervise the two ministries in the position of Vice Prime Minister.

Instead of the current semi-literate and incompetent leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture, it would be wise to appoint a smart and experienced leader, a real agrarian Leonid Kozachenko.

The most effective Minister of Industrial Policy in the Ministry, which is overseen by, including the chemical industry, would be well-known in the business circles of Ukraine and an authoritative worldwide, honest and highly intelligent professional – the director of the Odessa Portside Factory Valery Stepanovich Gorbatko.

The Ministry of Energy, no doubt, must be managed by a person with extensive experience in the energy sector, who has proved himself to be one of the most effective leaders in this field Plachkov Ivan Vasilievich.

The Ministry of Education could be headed by well-known professors, academicians such as academician Skripnyuk Alexander Vasilyevich, academician Belopolsky Nikolai Grigorievich, academician Skull Alla Vasilievna, academician Makogon Yuri Vladimirovich.

The Ministry of Health needs a leader who would not only have excellent knowledge in the field of medicine, pharmacology, but also the experience of an effective head of healthcare institutions. Such as academicians Evgeny G. Pedatchenko, director of the Institute of Neurosurgery, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences Vitaly I. Tsymbalyuk, professor, director of the Institute of Urology Sergei Alexandrovich Vozianov, Deputy chief doctor of the Central Clinical Hospital Tertyshny Ivan Aleksandrovich and many others are not only highly qualified doctors, but also deeply decent, responsive and honest people.

The Security Service of Ukraine should be headed by professional people loyal to the interests of the people of Ukraine, and not to foreign special services, such as the former chairman of this department, Igor Dryzhchaniy, the Prosecutor General’s Office effectively and professionally worked under the former general prosecutor Alexander Ivanovich Medvedko, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine should be headed by people who have great professional and combat experience, as well as possessing high and human qualities – such as the former commander in air forces and air defense forces of Ukraine Igor Aleksandrovich Romanenko. The Ministry of Internal Affairs should at last be headed by experienced and honest law enforcement officers, such as the former deputy chief of the Kyiv Department for Combating Organized Crime, Gorbachev Alexander Vasilyevich, the former head of the material supply department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, general Golub Yuri Nikolayevich and many other former and current employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, able to restore law and order in the state and overcome total crime and corruption in our country.

This is not a complete list of really smart, experienced, highly professionally trained and gifted leaders who could lead Ukraine out of the catastrophic situation in which it is today. Therefore, the assertion of pro-government heralds about the senselessness and ineffectiveness of the re-election of the current parliament, government and president is a pure deception of Ukrainian citizens who are deliberately misinformed by the oligarchs who seized power in Ukraine. And do not want to part with it!

In addition to concrete personnel changes in the government, it is necessary to re-elect the Supreme Council of Ukraine on the basis of only a proportional system, with open lists where all candidates must meet absolutely specific criteria that must be prescribed and strictly enforced by the Central Election Commission when registering new candidates for people’s deputies, and as well as candidates for deputies of regional and district levels. The Central Election Commission should be increased, at least twice, to more effectively control the process of registering candidates for People’s Deputies, as well as for more objective and uncontested control over the election process itself. Members of the CEC should be elected in this political situation by the whole composition of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, without any quotas on the part of the president or the Supreme Council.

As for the economic policy of the state, it is necessary for the future of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to strictly observe the following, the most important postulates: Using direct directive and indirect state regulation, it is necessary to begin the restructuring of the Ukrainian economy, focusing on creating the so-called “economy of subsistence economy”, ie, e., the development of the domestic economy should be directed primarily to the development of those industries and enterprises that will meet 85% dstvenno citizens of our state.

Import of goods should be state-regulated and ensure the importation into the country only of new technologies, equipment for various spheres of the economy, developing on an innovative basis.

In the agrarian sphere, as the leading one in the economy of today’s Ukraine, it is necessary to focus on the development of agricultural engineering, the optimization of the work of scientific research institutes, the system of the Agricultural Academy of Sciences to generate new, more productive varieties, those crops that are most adapted to the Ukrainian natural and climatic conditions and have the greatest demand, both on domestic and foreign markets. To create favorable conditions for the work of chemical enterprises for the production of mineral fertilizers, by reducing the price of natural gas in the production of products for domestic consumers, in order to reduce the cost of fertilizers and improve the efficiency of crop production. For the revival of the livestock sector it is necessary to directively establish strict excise taxes on imports of meat and dairy products from other countries. In order for the development of livestock in Ukraine (poultry farming, pig breeding and the increase in the number of cattle of meat and dairy sectors) profitable and developing, it is necessary to introduce an excise rate at which the cost of Ukrainian livestock products would be at least 20-30% lower than the prices for Imported meat and various dairy products. The Ukrainian food market should be filled with high-quality Ukrainian products, including organic production of at least 95%. The state should return agricultural producers benefits on the value-added tax and stop the blasphemous fiscal pressure on the agrarian business.

In addition, the banking system of Ukraine should provide agricultural enterprises with long and cheap loans, for 10-15 years at 2-3% per annum. Especially for the development of the livestock sector, namely, the production of meat and milk from cattle, as well as for the restoration and development of irrigated agriculture, which will allow the transfer of agroproduction to intensive production technologies, which will significantly increase the productivity and profitability of the agricultural sector. This will provide not only the Ukrainian consumer with quality and cheap food products, but will also allow Ukraine to enter foreign markets with much larger volumes of agricultural products, with the highest added value.

Such a policy of the state will give a large inflow of foreign currency into the country and ensure a positive trade balance of our state. The development of the Ukrainian economy is impossible without significant investments that we can attract both from abroad by providing a preferential taxation system for enterprises with real foreign investments, as well as by attracting ordinary Ukrainians to the banking sector of the country and creating a loyal tax system for the return of Ukrainian capital origin from abroad, provided they invest in existing ones and establish new enterprises of commodity producers. It is the low rates of taxes for such investors that will help increase the number of enterprises-producers and, thereby, create new jobs and ensure high purchasing power of Ukrainian citizens, which in turn will stimulate domestic consumption and development of the economy oriented to its own Ukrainian market. Only if Ukrainian producers sell their bulk in the domestic market and export no more than 20-30% of their products, the Ukrainian economy will have a stable growth and, in fact, will not depend on the financial and economic crises systematically shaking the entire world economy.

I repeat once again that only a well-thought-out and skillful state regulation of the market economy will allow Ukraine to withdraw from the economic abyss, into which it has been lowered by the current incompetent, irresponsible and corrupt government. One of the very important factors that can help the recovery and progress of our country’s economy is the fight against corruption, starting with top state officials and ending with small officials at the local level. This issue should be given special attention. Many people doubt the possibility of eradicating corruption in Ukraine. It’s possible. To solve this problem, it is necessary that honest people, statesmen in their convictions, be selected for all leading positions in the system of law enforcement bodies. It is these frames that can lead to & laquo; clear water & raquo; first and foremost corrupt officials of the highest echelon of power, who must be convicted under the law and really get a long prison term with complete confiscation of property. Only such concrete examples will force society to free itself from corruption policy, which today, in fact, is legalized in the state. To the historical experience, saying that: “The man who steals a loaf of bread, will be put in jail, and those who steal the railroad will be put in parliament” there was no place in the future structure of the system of state government of Ukraine.

In order for the economy of manufacturing enterprises and trade intermediaries to be balanced, and the population did not suffer from inflated prices for goods and services, especially the basic need (basic foodstuffs and medicines), the state should directively establish trade margins for these types of goods and services in the amount of no more than 5-15% on the way from the manufacturer to the end user. The financial system of Ukraine should be a tool to help stimulate the production of goods and services, as well as to stimulate the consumption of these goods and services. Therefore, the task of the National Bank of Ukraine is to stabilize the banking system, to ensure a stable exchange rate of the national currency (such methods of regulation of the rate exist and can be used, but not by the corrupt, but by the new and honest leadership of the NBU). To restore confidence in the banking system of Ukraine and attract funds from Ukrainian citizens, domestic business investors, as well as foreign investment.

It is necessary that the National Bank be subordinated to the new Parliament and bear full responsibility for its activities before the new collective body exercising supervisory functions. Only if the population, internal and external investors are guaranteed security and stable profitability, as well as 100% protection from inflation of their money, which can be provided, first of all, by state banks controlled by a responsible, honest and professional Government and Parliament – Money return to the banking system and provide the necessary conditions for ensuring effective lending, existing and newly created enterprises-producers.

The new Government should focus its attention on such branches of the Ukrainian economy that have a strong foundation for long-term development in domestic and foreign markets. First of all, it is necessary to focus on restoring the full cycle of nuclear fuel production that existed in Ukraine for the development of nuclear energy as one of the most important fundamental branches ensuring energy independence and state stability. In addition, there are many alternative technologies for biofuel and electric energy production in Ukraine, which also need to be developed (these technologies are known, but in this article I will not stop them, since this is a very large amount of special information). Ukraine should develop its aircraft and rocketry, because it is one of the five states in the world with similar enterprises and experienced personnel with high intellectual potential.

But the development of all the above sectors of the economy is impossible without the restoration of traditional sales markets for Ukraine, which are primarily Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other republics of the former Soviet Union, which accounted for 40-60% of Ukrainian exports in various sectors of our economy. Europe can be one of the potential markets for Ukraine and then only if we produce new, innovative products that will exceed European counterparts. Otherwise, all the promises of the European Union to provide Ukraine with immense sales markets, no more than deceit & nbsp; in order to gain access to the purchase of Ukrainian natural resources at the lowest possible prices, in order to obtain the greatest personal benefit by European capitalists, who will not under any circumstances give Their markets, causing themselves losses. Their promises are only an excuse for invading the markets of Ukraine and gaining access to cheap Ukrainian resources, up to buying up Ukrainian land and ousting our nation from their own country.

I do not cite and do not decipher many effective tools that allow to restore and develop the Ukrainian economy because many of the mechanisms known to me to improve the investment climate and production growth in the country can be used by the current corrupt government not for the benefit of the Ukrainian people, but for personal gain only. Only with the advent of the new Parliament, the President and the Government I guarantee the provision of information that will restore the Ukrainian economy and ensure a dignified, secure and secure life for the Ukrainian people, of which I am a part.

With the hope for a bright future,
Public figure, Academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatolii Peshko

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