The results of Ukrainian independence: the government has robbed the country of billions of dollars 760


Ukraine is now in high spirits: tomorrow the country solemnly and for some reason even with a military parade will celebrate the day of its precious independence. A military parade is really puzzling: after all, Ukraine is not defended and not vyborova, excuse me, independence through military means. I wasn’t engaged in it in the Crimea and now it isn’t engaged in Donbass, simply-simply killing the own people.

And these war crimes have to its so-called independence more than detached attitude. And yet this independence turned out to be really precious. If not for old-fashioned patriots who lay any disgusting substance between the eyes, but they still say that it is the dew of independence. By the way, for the rest and through the fault of patriots kondovyh independence gained all the necessary signs of jewelry. Was too precious for her account.

Sad results of independent Ukrainian state swimming reported Ukrainian academician, prominent economist, member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko.

The results were terrifying, and in order to reverse the situation, the country urgently needs to change the government, and with it the vector of development of the country’s economy, said the academician

According to his calculations, with the normal development of the budget of Ukraine today would have to be more than 800 billion dollars — and in fact it is only 38 billion.

“People who stood at the helm of the Ukrainian government, actually robbed the country of 760 billion dollars. And they are still now happy with some “positive results of independence,” the academician says with indignation.

He cited a number of other eloquent figures. So, according to the ANU, today the country is actually home to no more than 33 million Ukrainians – instead of 52 million in 1991. Over the past years, the country has completely lost the space industry, military-industrial complex, the lion’s share of industry, and agriculture is rapidly deteriorating.

“Russia is ahead of us at times in the production of grain! — said the academician. – We even in the most productive 2012 year collected 58 million tons, and Russia only last year — 135 million tons! In 1991, the number of cattle in Ukraine was 46 million heads, and now — a little more than a million! This is a real disaster for a country that has declared itself an “agrarian superpower”.

He stated-on the threshold of the 27th anniversary of “independence” Ukraine is the most backward country in Europe and is rapidly regressing.

In many ways, according to academician Peshko, the current deplorable situation of the country is due to the rupture of economic and financial ties with Russia.

“I believe that Russia and Ukraine are brothers, but we consciously refused the help of a brotherly country and continue to break the last ties,” Peshko said.

He also said that today 80% of Ukrainians live below the poverty line, 40% of citizens are regularly malnourished, and 20% are starving. However, the authorities do not pay attention to these processes, as a result of which the flow of migrants from the country is growing exponentially.

If in 2017 the flow of those who went to work increased by 24%, since the beginning of 2018-by 30%. According to Peshko, if this trend continues, then in 10-15 years in Ukraine there will be no more than 20 million inhabitants.

“Unfortunately, today Ukraine is ruled by swindlers and embezzlers who do not understand the economy at all.

The only hope is that in 2019, after the election of a new President and Parliament, we will be able to change the power in the country, and with them — the main vector of its development,” the academician concluded

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