“Sooner or later-will have to answer”: Kiev public activists condemned the pressure on the media


17.05.2018 15:45

Ukrainian public figures, political scientists, cultural and scientific figures expressed their concern about the violation of human rights and freedom of speech and prepared a number of appeals to the leaders of the world States and European organizations, including the European Parliament and the OSCE with the requirements to understand the situation. They reported about it on may 17, in news Agency “Ukrainian news”, on a press-conferences on a subject: “to Close a mouth or cruel regulations of freedom of speech in Ukraine”.

According to the participants of the conference, despite the calls of the international community to stop the attacks on freedom of speech in Ukraine, the government is on the worst way by deploying another “witch hunt” and organizing pressure on the media. In particular, is under pressure TV channels NewsOne, “112 Ukraine”, “inter”, news Agency “RIA Novosti Ukraine” and radio “News”.

“Those who threw Molotov cocktails at inter and blocked NewsOne committed a criminal offense, but did not bear responsibility. Therefore, law enforcement agencies cover them, and therefore also are accomplices of a crime”,-the academician and Vice-President of Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, the doctor of economic Sciences Anatolii Peshko declared.

Agreed security expert Sergey Shabovta. According to him, law enforcement agencies are not engaged in their direct activities – law enforcement, but only provides protection of certain oligarchic clans and their interests. “They intimidate journalists, shut their mouths to objectionable media,” he explains.

The President of the Kiev city public organization “Fund of St. Panteleimon the Healer” Yury Vorobyov is sure that oppositional mass media don’t give the chance to work quietly. “We do not touch only Pro-government channels that tell about the best events that the President holds and create a picture of “everything is calm in Bogdad”. And if you look, every day we live worse and worse. Journalists should provide citizens with objective information about what is happening in the country. Recall 5-6 years ago, when journalist Mustafa Nayem interviewed Viktor Yanukovych, and what tough questions he asked. Can anyone afford that right now? No one allows himself to ask unwanted questions to the Guarantor, ” he said.

At the end of the press conference, the participants appealed to the leadership of law enforcement agencies to perform their work and respond to offenses. “You will not sit in your positions forever, sooner or later you will have to answer. We demand to immediately stop the crimes and resign,” Anatolii Peshko concluded.

Previously, “News” reported that the national security and defense Council say that freedom of information does not exist. The NSDC does not specify to what they made such a statement, but stated that the prohibition of information resources or any content of the aggressor country should occur solely on the basis of a court decision. Apparently, it was commented in the organization of the fact of arrest of the head, “RIA Novosti Ukraine” Wyszynski.

We will remind that on may 15 the staff of SBU together with Prosecutor’s office of AR Crimea carried out searches in office “RIA Novosti-Ukraine” in Kiev. Law enforcement authorities detained the head of news Agency.

The investigation believes that through this publication for several years, “the Ukrainian media space was filled with distorted information about the events in the country, including the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula by the Russian Federation.” Earlier, acting Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov called unacceptable actions of Ukraine against Russian journalists.

In Russia, a criminal case “on illegal involvement of the head of the portal “RIA Novosti Ukraine” Kirill Vyshinsky to criminal liability in Ukraine”. The Committee States that in Ukraine Vyshinsky forced to abandon the dissemination of” objective information ” about the events in Russia and Ukraine.

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