he Russian vaccine can help not only to treat COVID-19, but also to treat other influenza viruses – academician Peshko A.V.

The Russian vaccine can help not only to treat COVID-19, but also to treat other influenza viruses – academician Peshko.


At present, Ukraine does not have a powerful material base for conducting such research, and the state leaders have destroyed it in recent years.

Russian COVID-19 vaccine can help to treat not only coronavirus, but also other influenza viruses and can also produce antitumor immunity. This was announced by Anatoly Peshko, academician, the first president of the Ukrainian AEN, PhD in economics and Candidate of Medical Sciences, in a talk show “19” on ZIK TV channel.

Anatoly Peshko noted the need to purchase a Russian vaccine against coronavirus infection, which is gaining threatening proportions in Ukraine. According to the academician, given all medical indicators, the Russian vaccine can be useful not only in the fight against COVID-19.

“Doctors at various institutions are developing a vaccine based on adenoviruses. These viruses, which share the same antigenic structures, are not exactly the same, but they are nevertheless common; accordingly, in viruses, using a vaccine with such antibodies would mean a reset of immunity. That means, in principle, this vaccine can help treat not only coronavirus but also other influenza viruses,” the academician said.

In addition, Anatoly Peshko added, the Russian coronavirus vaccine can produce antitumor immunity.

“Because it stimulates the cellular immunity system that is responsible in the body for protection against the virus and against the development of various pathological and cancer cells,” he added.

According to the academician, a good reason to buy a vaccine against COVID-19 in Russia should be the fact that Ukraine does not have a powerful material base for such research.

“Unfortunately, the leaders of Ukraine in recent years have destroyed it to such an extent that our doctors are unable to create a similar vaccine”, – said Anatoly Peshko.

He also explained his recent address to President Zelensky regarding the COVID-19 vaccine against Russia. According to the academician, he proposed not just to buy the Russian vaccine, but to unite with Russia for its subsequent production in Ukraine.

Let us recall that the day before the academician, the first president of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, PhD in medicine Anatoly Peshko called on President Vladimir Zelensky to solve the issue of buying Russian coronavirus vaccine or its production in Ukraine. The corresponding appeal was made public.

We would also like to add that earlier the World Health Organization stated that more than 180 countries with about 99% of the world’s population have joined the COVAX program, through which they should get the vaccine from COVID-19 when it appears.

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